Saturday, June 24, 2017

I'm baaaack!

Welcome to my temporary review home, until my host issues on the actual Lariato get sorted out. I don't know exactly what went haywire, because nobody at 0catch can return a phone call or email. But, while my site seems to be fully intact, I've not been able to view, update, or add to my website for two months now, which feels like damn near an eternity to me. I've been keeping busy with my 411 commitment to Kayfabe Commentaries, and contributing to my friend Bob Colling's 'Wrestling Recaps' site.

If I didn't have such a huge archive, I'd just say 'to hell with it' and start over from scratch with a new host. I haven't completely ruled that out yet, but, I really don't want to wave goodbye to twelve years worth of writing. So, I'm still holding out hope that this works itself out.