Wednesday, August 15, 2018

TNA PPVs #15 and 16

It occurred to me that in my rundown of the stuff from the first 10 TNA shows, I somehow forgot to list Puppet the Pyscho Dwarf's antics. Namely beating off into the trash can and pulling the gun on Jeff Jarrett.

I wouldn't say I forgot. I like to think that my brain just blocked it out.

GWN also sent me the form email letting me know that they're aware of "issues" with the Roku app and that it will be fixed over the course of later updates.


- Truth cut the mother of all promos on BG James!

- The NWA Tag Titles match being a tables match somewhat makes up for the copout last week with the table not getting used.

- Jerry Lynn's awful song is just a loop of the phrase "Born and Raised in the USA"

- Styles winning the #1 Contender's Match tells me the Styles/Lynn feud will continue.

- Styles goofing around during his interview was reminiscent of the Shawn and HHH when DX was first formed. I wonder why, bro?

- This Brian Lawler and his girlfriend storyline is fucking stupid!

- I have to admit, Sara Lee beating on Bruce with the umbrella made me laugh.

- It's nice to see Lynn get his win back over Truth to defend the X-Division Title, but was the interference from Low Ki necessary?  How about Truth tries to cheat and it backfires?

- "Head of Security" Don Harris needs better screening for the guys he hires. They all get beaten up by the wrestlers.

- Elix Skipper is an awfully random partner for Brian, after he was teaming up with Disco the week before. Although, it's an improvement in the workrate dept.

- Jorge Estrada actually looked really good in his match with Kid Kash. I'm impressed.

- GWN is also censoring crowd signs! The offensive word in questions seems to be "Gay" based on a camera shot where the sign was visible off to the side.  Really, Anthem?

- It's nice of TNA to promote other NWA indys and where their guys are going to be. But, do they really need to tell the whole country that AJ Styles will be at the West Virginia County Fair?

- Overall, this is the first time it feels like storylines are progressing. There are viable title programs for the Tag Titles and the X Title. This Jarrett and friends vs. Hall and friends feud keeps Jarrett busy and away from the NWA Title picture. I'm sure Estrada vs. Siaki will happen in a week or two.


- The visibile signs this week include "Bruce Swallows" and "Jeff Jarrett Has No Penis" - but the word "Gay" is unacceptable on this app!

- Elix Skipper doesn't have the voice for color commentary, but his worrying about what he's going to tell his wife when he comes home empty handed (for being taken out of the main event) was funny.

- It's one thing for Jarrett or Ron Harris to beat up all the TNA security guys. But, Elix Skipper can even whoop them all?

- - Nothing says "National Powerhouse" promotion more than a promo being cut in the shitter. Complete with the cameraman visible in the reflection of the mirror and a Koala Kare Baby Changing Station in the shot.

- Truth beats Low Ki and is jumped by a guy in white pants, a white hoodie, and a white ski mask. Did nobody think that a guy in all white attacking a black man  might not be the most tasteful idea?

- SAT vs. Elvises to decide the next tag title challengers is OK with me. Even if it delays the inevitable Siaki/Estrada blowoff.

- Ron Harris is the new Cactus Jack, losing tag team matches and beating up his partners. Although it would help if he wasn't teamed up with someone that we'd never seen before.

- David Young looked amazing. Why bring him back all new and improved just to job him out? Siaki had already made his presence known on the show. Shit, they could have thrown one of Heavy D's useless security guys in some tights and had him go out for six minutes to let Young show his stuff.

- It's nice to see the screwed over babyface get some justice for a change, when Bullet Bob gives Jerry the X Title back. But, it screws the fans who paid for this show to have the match negated and then told to pay for it next week.

- So, after all the shenanigans during the main event, Jarrett's group of friends include Truth, Skipper, and Lawler, which is still one too many to feud with Hall, Syxx, and BG. I think Skipper will be getting the short end of the stick again.

Friday, August 10, 2018

TNA PPV's # 11 and 13


- Was Goldi Locks always such a wise ass? If she was, I don't recall it from the previous shows. At first it was funny "Does Sonny Siaki need a Q-Tip?"  but she doesn't need to lip off every time she interviews someone.

- I like the Hot Shots as a team. Stevens and O'Reilly aren't amazing workers, but they make the gimmick work.

- I'm still in awe over how well Wolfie D pulls off Slash. I can seriously picture him as some kind of Mortal Kombat character. It's miles away from PG-13.

- Flash Flanagan is wasted as Kobain. He had the look that the WWF liked, he could talk, and he could work, but they never picked him up. He could have been a catch for TNA. But, he was tight with Cornette, so I'm sure you know how Russo felt about him.

- This is hilarious. The app bleeps the crowd when they swear. They chant "You Suck Dick" at Bruce and "She's a Crack Whore" at April Hunter, and  both of the swears get bleeped. It's super distracting, and impossible to follow the commentary. It's one thing for TNN to do it to ECW or USA to the WWF. But this is like Netflix censoring The Ranch!

- Ron Harris and Brian Lee as disgruntled vets who want to be champions is perfect. Except that they dwarf damn near the rest of the roster.

- Is this angle with Brian Lawler and his girlfriend supposed to be some sort of rib about Jerry Lawler and the Kat from the year before? Because it's a year too late!

- It's obvious who's under the Bullet mask. He almost did both of the Road Dogg's trademark spots and had to stop himself from giving it away. Bob Armstrong is a fucking bad ass for blading like that!

- This 3-Way Ladder match main event is EXACTLY how to made the X-Division Title seem like a big deal!

- I don't know if it was the promotion or the PPV company who decided to not run a show on 9/11/02, but I applaud them for it. After the WWF's tribute show the year before, complete with Stephanie's gaff about Vince's indictment, TNA takes the high road.

The 12th PPV was the X-Division Special, with no new matches.


- The concept of the tag team gaunlet for the gold is interesting, and, if nothing else, it's consistent. As a bonus, none of the tag teams are burying the match.

- The Dustin Diamond boxing segment actually doesn't seem too out of place, if you're old enough to recall his antics on VH1's celebrity bootcamp.

- Why the nonsense of three way matches with two winners? They already did a stip two weeks before with the future AMW winning a four way tag match to give Harris the last slot in the gauntlet. There's no reason to do a 3 way match, where the losers are out of it. Why knock the Hot Shots out of it? Was the match going to be incomplete without Jimmy Rave and Wylde included?

- The Bullet is unmasked and it's no surprise who it is. But, why the name BG James? They're calling his father Bob Armstrong, so why not Brian Armstrong?

- Bruce gives the random blonde chick the powerbomb and Tenay comments that Bruce probably isn't fond of that position. I wonder who came up with that line, bro?

- The use of Scott Hall has just been baffling to me. He's easily the biggest name on the roster right now, and came to TNA fresh from the WWF. I can only assume they had reservations about his sobriety and/or reliability.

- I'm fine with Harris and Storm winning the tag titles. I'm not fine with the finish. Teasing the fans with a big table spot and then bait and switching is bad form. Harris and Storm being undefeated is a fine reason for them to be champs. They also get some credibility by beating the team with fifteen years experience.

- The X-Division coming out to cheer on Jerry Lynn as he challenges Killings is a cool moment. They put their issues with each other on hold, for the good seeing one of their own win the big one. You would think it would be Styles that screws Jerry over, but it's Siaki.  I wonder if that means the Lynn/Styles feud is over?

- One thing I noticed on the last show, and continues here. They seem to be breaking the shows up into segments, sort of like chapter breaks on a DVD. I guess it's at certain intervals. Even during  a match, there will be a short spell of a black screen before the match resumes.

My Experience with the Global Wrestling Network - Intro and TNA PPV's 1-10

I recently bit the bullet and decided to sign up for the Global Wrestling Network.  I was never able to watch TNA until they went to Fox Sports in 2004 and then Spike in 2005. By 2007 I didn't particularly care to watch TNA, aside from a few hyped matches, and their 2012 PPV run.  I always used to hear great things about their 2002-04 PPV run from the Asylum. I picked up the first ten on VHS in 2004 or so, but never saw anything else other than what they put out on DVD.  So, when GWN announced the complete run of the Asylum PPV shows, I knew I was going to check it out sooner or later.

I opted for "later" until GWN was on Roku, to go with my other wrestling apps. That was my first mistake. The Roku app doesn't fucking work. I open it, go to sign in to my account and the app closes. I emailed their support about it, and haven't heard back yet. But, someone posted a screen cap on FB saying that they're aware that the app "has issues" and are "constantly" working on it.  So, I apparently didn't wait until "later" enough.  So, since I'd already signed up, I installed it on my Xbox, which I could have done months ago.

The idea for this is something akin to my friend Bob Colling's ongoing series where he watches monthly blocks of CWA TV. But, instead of recapping monthly, this is going to be on a show by show basis, although only actual shows. The X-Divison special and One Cent PPV's will not be included. And, it's more about what I think of them, rather than what happens.  I'm starting from PPV #11, since I don't especially feel like rewatching the first 10. But, I'll give a brief listing of things I recall from them.

- I love the continuity of using the statue from the old CWA/USWA TV opening, before having it explode and going into the intro proper. A nice throwback to the old promotion, but showing that TNA is wrestling in the 21st Century. Remember I said that, because there isn't much more that's going to be positive.

- The first PPV opens with Jeff Jarrett saying the Battle Royal concept sucks, and babyfaces Scott Hall and Ken Shamrock agreeing that it sucks. Way to put over your own match!

- Fuck everyone and anyone who had anything to do with this Toby Keith bullshit!

- Gimmicks like The Johnsons, The Rainbow Express, and the Flying Elvises. Russo's fingerprints are already present!

- Cheex. Sounds like more of Russo's nonsense.

- Bruce as Miss TNA.  Alan Funk is a team player, that's all I can say.

- The Dupp Cupp is stupid, but it's harmless fun.

- Ed Ferrara can go take a flying leap. Don West sounds like the second coming of JR next to him.

- What was the point of this whole Ryan Shamrock angle?

- Ron Killings took the ball and ran with it.  I had no issue with Shamrock as champion, but putting it on Killings was the right move!

- Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles as tag partners and then feuding over the X-Division Title is more of Russo's trademark stuff, tag partners who can't get along. But I like their feud.

- Jerry Lynn's entrance music is awful. After an entire career using quasi-death metal tracks, they give him this generic country/R&B type of music that doesn't suit him at all.

- Brian Lawler should have dropped everything do do with Grandmaster Sexay and gone back to being "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher.

- Sonny Siaki's first singles match after establishing his over the top character involves him putting over Slash. I love Wolfie D and I dig the Slash character, but there wasn't anyone else to job to him?

- The Nashville crowd loves Athena!

Monday, July 2, 2018

2 Years of the Lariato!

It's been a bumpy couple of years for me and my attempts to maintain a website and archive of my reviewing.

In May of 2016 that the 150M server died and took Splash Mountain with it, and didn't even give me the courtesy of an email or phone call. I spend a week calling and emailing the host, which probably bordered on harrassment. On July 1st, 2016 I launched my own site with my own domain name.

Fast forward to April of 2017 and my host, 0catch, decide to completely vanish, leaving me with a website that I'm able to access, but not make any updates for. My phone calls and emails go completely ignored. Including me going full on Jim Cornette and ending with a Thank You, Fuck You, Bye!

In mid July of 2017, I switch over to Hostwinds, who have been nothing less than superb! They have a very easy to use UI, 24/7 support, and are much cheaper than 0catch. I imagined that I'd be up half the night transferring over all of my files, but it took me 20 minutes!

Since the switch everything has run smooth. No downtime or tech issues, and according to the hostwinds stats section, my hits are as high as they've ever been.

The last year or so has been somewhat tumultous due to the move and various other things, and it's looking like that may be continuing over the next few months. But, my passion for this hobby of mine has always been constant, and I hope it always will.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Writing is fun

But it's also very hard sometimes. I've had a short story in my head for literally years now, but haven't been able to actually get it written out. I'll get started and then won't be happy with how it turns out, so I scrap it. Well I've been giving it another go, and actually have it about 2/3 of the way finished, but I'm at a loss for where to go with it next. I was going along nicely, but got stuck last Monday. I'm defintiely not scrapping it yet. I'm too far into to back out now.  It's not even like I'm blocked or anything. I know where I want the story to go, I just can't think of a good transition to get there. I'll just have to keep relaxing with my thoughts, and maybe it'll come to me.

To make up for the writing that I haven't been doing, I'm doing plenty of reviewing. Somehow PWG has locked up thre top three slots on my top ten matches that I've reviewed this year. Two of which involve WALTER, who I'd never even heard of until about six months ago. The other match involves the Chosen Bros, Jeff Cobb and Matthew Riddle. And, wouldn't you know that the next show on my review list includes the Chosen Bros vs. Timothy Thatcher and WALTER.

As much as I've come to appreciate Kenny Omega (and I don't hold matches with school girls or blow up dolls against him), I'm just about ready to declare WALTER the new best bout machine. If anyone the Carlsbad area is woken up by someone doing their best Daniel Bryan impression in the middle of the night on 04/21, it's because WALTER just won the PWG Title.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Busy Busy Busy

It's been quite the insane couple of months. My workload absolutely blew up, and I've been putting in close to 50 hours a week just to keep up with everything, and even that's still a challenge. Add in my responsibilities around the house, and spending quality time with my wife and kids. So, naturally, two of my passions, wrestling and writing, have been put on the back burner over the last month. My wrestling watching and reviewing has been limited to between the hours of 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM. I haven't even been keeping up with the podcasts that I like.

Things finally seem to have leveled out, although since it's Monday, we'll see how today goes. So, I'm hoping to get some free time and crank out some stuff. Here's what I'd like to accomplish, ideally before the end of March:

- Finish the NJPW 01/28 show (where Cody turns on Kenny)
- Another Retro Reading for Bob's site
- The new Kayfabe Commentaries Release that drops on 03/27 (depending on how fast WWN makes it available).

Speaking of podcasts, I highly recommend checking out the IcoPod, Bob and Austin are doing some great stuff. I've been talking with Bob about doing something with them at some point, and being able to add an old man's perspective, from someone who actually remembers when this stuff was going on.

In other news, I'm absolutely loving New Mexico. I keep hearing from all my old friends back east about blizzards and snowstorms, and how Mike closed the taproom early one day in preparation for a big storm. And, here it's sunny and in the 60's. We've had several "high wind" warnings, which basically mean that it's not a good day to do yard work, and that it's a good day to fly a kite. My Chicago Bears have been tearing things up during the off season, so I can get exited for September.

Have you ever watched a match so bad that it hurt your feelings? Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly from Supercard of Honor X did that to me.

Does anyone remember Memphis mainstay and WWF TV jobber Ken Raper? How did nobody suggest that he use a different ring name? And, if he was around in 1998-99 WWF or 1999-01 you just now that idiot Russo would have given him a nickname like "Consensual Kenny."

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I'm still alive

The Western Lariat is no longer a gimmick, or simply a plagiarism from the great Stan Hansen. The Western Lariat will now be coming to you directly from the wild west! After far too much hassle, the Campbells have left NY State behind and now reside in beautiful Carlsbad, NM.

Let me just say, that close to 36 hours almost nonstop in a small Honda with a 50 lb dog and two small kids wasn't exactly a walk in the park for the wife and I. But, we finally made it. We got here, our stuff finally got here, and hopefully once the nightmare of unpacking ends, regular updates will commence. Upon checking the TV lineup for Sunday, hoping that I'd be able to see the Bears/Ravens game on Fox and figuring that it'd be the Texans/Browns, based on where I'm living now. It's actually the Packers/Vikings game. So, needless to say, I'll be watching CBS, because fuck the Packers!